How to pick the very best paper shredder


Heavy Duty Paper Shredders and High Security Shredders Compared

Heavy duty paper shredder is designed to shred large piles of paper without any problems. On the other hand, high security shredders provides relatively small cut strip when compared with the conventional office strip cut shredder. The two machines are similar in other aspects apart from the cut size.

Introducing Heavy Duty Commercial Paper Shredders

When buying a heavy duty shredder it is unimportant to know that you can choose between micro cut, strip cut and cross cut depending on the requirements of the organization. The machines are also known for the following:

Continuous shredding

Commercial purpose shredders are able to continue shredding papers for extended periods of time without any hold. They have a powerful motor that help them run for 24 hours without any problems. The motor is guarded from overheating and overload stress making it ideal for use in rigorous commercial environments where it is considered important to protect documents.

Paper jam protection

The heavy duty paper shredder is made to resolve any paper jam problems automatically. It has a mechanism that automatically turns off shredding and indicates a potential paper jam problem. The machine highlights the problem through the user screen or optical screen. The inbuilt auto protection saves a lot of time and resources because the problems are attended to immediately.

Feed with conveyor belt

Another feature of the heavy duty shredder is the feed table that comes with a conveyor belt. The belt makes it easy to feed papers into the machine. Thus, you can be attending to other things while your papers are being shredded. The papers are electronically drawn into the machine in a very convenient manner.

Ultimate shredding machines

All materials in the office can be shredded using these machines. Materials as tough as cardboards can be torn into pieces just like thin paper sheets. They are able to cut through pieces of metal such as paper clips.

Introducing high security paper shredders.

High security shredders usually do not have the customized configurations commonly found among heavy duty paper shredders. These machines have the following features;

Compatibility with different standards

This type of machine is used in places where highly sensitive information is produced. Such places include government, defense and military institutions. They are designed to be compatible with various standards. The most common standards are CSS, Dod and NSA.

Materials that can be shredded

These machines are designed to shred sheets of paper only. Therefore, other materials such as plastic and metal cannot be shredded. A heavy duty shredder of this nature shreds the sheets of paper into very tiny pieces of paper making it extremely difficult to decipher or read the contents.

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How to Choose the Best Shredders

Paper shredding is a fast growing industry across the world today that has attracted thousands of budding entrepreneurs. Here is an insightful comparison of different types of paper shredders and their various features, all in an effort to help you choose the best shredders in the market. With this guide you don’t have go through any kind of hassle when shopping for the right shredders that will satisfy your paper shredding needs.

Cross cut paper shredders are said to be the most secure since they can actually grind the documents that you want to dispose to dust. Cross cut that is also referred to as confetti cut or micro cut can pulverize the documents completely. With the availability of software programs that can recreate the information on your documents from strip paper shreds, you ought to ensure that you choose shredders that will completely grind the documents.

Another important feature that you should always look out for when buying a paper shredder is the ease of use. You definitely don’t want another complex electronic in your life that is difficult to handle. If you go for a shredder that doesn’t have an auto reverse button, you will be able to easily clear paper jams fast or better still select a shredder that has jam-free rollers.

You should also opt for a pull out paper bin, so that you don’t have to remove the top of the shredder to empty it as is the case with standard bins. After all, pull out bins are cleaner and easier to use.

If you have small kids, you should shop a paper shredder that is safe for your home. The best shredders safe for homes are those portable ones that come with a safety guard. The safety guard is supposed to shut down when the top is off. The safety guard can also be set up not to allow it to turn on when the shredder’s gears are exposed or when the shredder has tipped over.

The kind of work that you want the shredder to do you for you will also impact greatly on the type of shredder that you pick. For instance if you want a shredder that can easily shred documents with paper clips or staples, DVDs and CDs, it will cost you more. This is a good choice, however, because it’ll save you from the stress of spending too much time removing the clips and staple from the documents before shredding them.

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